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OneD and Koch plan US factory for silicon-graphite anodes

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The announcement of the factory’s location, expected to cost “several hundred million dollars,” is anticipated in the near future, as confirmed by OneD CEO Vincent Pluvinage in discussions with Reuters. Pluvinage mentioned ongoing negotiations with customers for a similar factory in Europe.

Not only did Pluvinage confirm the partnership with Koch Modular in the Reuters interview, but OneD also officially communicated the strategic collaboration via a press release. The alliance aims to “reduce costs and accelerate the adoption of silicon-graphite anode material in affordable electric cars.” Koch Modular, part of Koch-Glitsch LP under Koch Industries, is a key player in this collaboration.

Utilizing their proprietary “Sinanode” technology, OneD’s manufacturing process involves melting silicon nanowires directly onto graphite powder for silicon-graphite anodes. The incorporation of silicon in an anode allows for significantly higher energy densities and increased charging power compared to conventional graphite anodes. The Sinanode technology, now in partnership with Koch Modular, focuses on maximizing the production of silane anodes.

The collaborative effort involves placing a modular silane production system from Koch next to a Sinanode factory from OneD. This integrated setup is designed to produce 20,000 tons of anode material from silicon and graphite powder. OneD highlights the flexibility in using “any type of graphite,” reducing costs by eliminating the need for a new carbon substrate. The nanosilicon is directly stored in the pores of the graphite powder during the process.

OneD plans to commission its pilot plant in Moses Lake, Washington state, in early 2024. While it will facilitate the qualification and release process of BEV batteries for OEMs, it remains unclear whether mass production will be based there or in the surrounding area.

CEO Pluvinage emphasized Koch Modular as the right partner to enhance production scale and reduce costs for silicon anode materials. The collaboration is positioned to bolster the North American BEV battery supply chain, reducing dependence on anode material imports and meeting the growing demands of OEMs for competitive and affordable BEVs.

George Schlowsky, President at Koch Modular, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the unique approach of situating the modular silane plant next to the Sinanode processing plant, emphasizing a strategic proximity to BEV graphite production and cell factories in North America and Europe. The collaboration aims to enhance the production of siliceous graphite, contributing to a more competitive global market position for their customers.

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