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The Sainte-Barbe festival returns to ignite the Mining Basin!

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For its 6th edition, the tradition of Sainte-Barbe remains vibrant and returns to ignite the Mining Basin and revive the flame within you from November 24 to December 3, 2023. Here’s all you need to know.

The patron saint of miners, firefighters, and pyrotechnicians promises you beautiful festive moments, including spectacular fireworks displays that will dazzle you.

This festive event, which is part of the cultural and historical heritage of our region, will welcome renowned international companies known for their expertise in pyrotechnics, fire shows, and lighting in iconic locations of the Mining Basin in Hauts-de-France.

This year, the Sainte-Barbe Festival will feature two highlights: “Sparks,” from November 24 to 30, and “Fires,” beginning in December. With numerous concerts on the program to keep the party going!

The Region is actively involved with the local authorities of Lens-Liévin to organize this event that celebrates a tradition deeply rooted in our region and honors the patron saint of those who have worked in the Mining Basin and continue to work tirelessly, especially firefighters.

A tradition that endures and remains ingrained in memory

Its legend dates back to the 3rd century and originates in Asia Minor. Saint Barbara, tortured by her father, became the patron saint of miners, pyrotechnicians, and firefighters and maintains a close connection with fire. December 4th was a day off for miners, who celebrated it in the mines to seek her protection. December 4th is also significant because it witnessed the birth of the Louvre-Lens, a cultural landmark of our region symbolizing renewal.

The program of Sparks and Fires

Today, this celebration skillfully combines tradition and modernity. Twelve cities in the Lens-Liévin urban area will light up for this 6th edition, offering events that highlight the mining heritage. With a program spanning from Base 11/19 in Loos-en-Gohelle, to 9-9bis in Oignies, to the Saint-Amé Quarter of Liévin, and the Grand Offices of Lens, the significant places of mining memory will once again be ablaze!

Come warm your body and spirit with a free program featuring shows, concerts, strolls, exhibitions, installations, performances, and workshops… Cold hands during this time but warm hearts with the Sainte-Barbe festival! Come with family or friends!

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