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The Region Fully Invested in Sports!

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Investment in Sports Facilities: Improving Access to Quality Sports for All

With a belief that sports are beneficial for both the body and the mind, the Hauts-de-France Region is committed to supporting its clubs, municipalities, and residents by providing quality sports facilities and facilitating access to a wide range of disciplines for everyone.

The Region invests in local sports facilities to ensure quality access to sports everywhere for all.

Continuing its commitment to modernizing and increasing the number of sports facilities across its territory, the Hauts-de-France Region is also dedicated to leaving its mark by contributing to the provision of services and balanced territorial development for a region that is fit, performs well, and innovates.

In line with this commitment, it has allocated a total grant of €3,186,814 to 49 municipalities in the region to develop, modernize, or create quality sports facilities that address the challenges of the rev3 dynamic.

Support for Nine Clubs for Minibus Acquisition

The “minibus purchase assistance” program allows sports clubs in the region to receive financial support for acquiring minibuses. Additionally, this program contributes to the rev3 roadmap, particularly in sustainable mobility and decarbonization. As a result, nine clubs will receive assistance totaling €106,500:

  • Gravelines Rowing: €15,000
  • Douai Boxing Club: €9,000
  • Neuville Football Club: €8,196
  • Football des Sports Réunis Lomme Délivrance: €5,304
  • Aisne Gymnastics Departmental Committee: €15,000
  • Lille University Club Handibasket Section: €17,000
  • Faubourg de Béthune Lille Judo Club: €7,000
  • Cercle Calonnois Hercule Wrestling Club: €15,000
  • Glisse Sensations Mers-les-Bains: €15,000

Rehabilitation and Extension of a Swimming Pool

The Region aims to support and promote the development of sports practice and access to sports for all by constructing and/or renovating sports facilities. It also seeks to align with the national priority of teaching swimming as part of physical education programs, support the accessibility of swimming lanes for the regional sports movement, and contribute to the development of sports for health for all.

Therefore, the Region has allocated a total grant of €1,300,000 for the rehabilitation and extension of the Jean Saltiel swimming pool in the Community of Communes of Pays du Vermandois (02). Additionally, this project contributes to the rev3 dynamic through the installation of photovoltaic panels.

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