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The Agricultural Vocational High School of Haute-Somme Unveils Its New Facilities

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On Thursday, February 8th, the new facilities of the Agricultural Vocational High School of Haute-Somme were inaugurated. The Region, close to its youth, its territories, and supporting sectors facing challenges, financed the works with a sum of 9.7 million euros.

The Agricultural Vocational High School of Haute-Somme was previously located in Péronne (80) with a branch in Ribemont-sur-Ancre (80). It includes a vocational training center and agricultural promotion (CFPPA), as well as an apprenticeship training unit (UFA) attached to the center for training and support for development (CFAD) of Somme.

The offered training programs fall within four areas of expertise:

  • Services to individuals,
  • Equestrian services,
  • Integration,
  • And agricultural production.

The Péronne establishment primarily offers training related to services to individuals. And before the works, the Ribemont-sur-Ancre annex offered training related to equestrian activities.

One Unified Training Site

The project aimed to consolidate all training programs onto a single site, that of Péronne, while also offering accommodation for all boarders, some of whom were previously housed at the Lamarck High School in Albert. The practical components of equestrian training now take place within the newly built equestrian center in Péronne.

The Péronne site underwent significant extension and restructuring works, primarily focusing on:

  • Extending the main building to accommodate educational support functions on the ground floor and expanding the boarding facilities on the upper floor,
  • Expanding the dining unit also located within the main building,
  • Rehabilitating and restructuring the main building,
  • Rebuilding teaching facilities to replace outdated buildings,
  • Reconstructing Annex Building D, which includes workspaces and recreational areas for teachers, administrative offices, sports facilities, and service areas,
  • Constructing two staff accommodations,
  • Landscaping outdoor spaces.

These works are in line with the rev3 dynamic.

The site boasts high-quality green spaces and large trees, which were important to preserve. The renovation project was designed to integrate with the rev3 dynamic. Indeed, the new buildings prioritize preserving local biodiversity. Energy management has been optimized to reduce energy bills, ensure air permeability, utilize renewable energy sources, install heat pumps, and limit greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable water management has also been considered: reducing consumption, infiltrating rainwater on-site, and raising student awareness.

Significant Regional Funding

To provide optimal teaching conditions for staff and students in high schools, the Hauts-de-France Region stands alongside its institutions and invests in their renovation. Furthermore, it commits to sectors facing challenges, such as agriculture and personal services, offered in training at the Agricultural Vocational High School of Haute-Somme. That’s why it provided funding of €9.7 million for the establishment’s renovations.

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